About 3 years ago, one of the main water lines coming into our building actually burst and made our entire basement flood! It was quite the site to see, water was nearly waist high. A large amount of damage was done to everything in the basement, but there was actually a silver lining. This flood washed up many old memories from Greatest Grains’ past, like old signs and t-shirts from over 30 years ago! Among the many items that were washed up we found a hand-drawn advertisement. This is when we were just growing our roots in Davenport. Many things that we offered then, we still offer today helping you to become a healthier person! We love staying to to our roots and being a part of the community around us. We’re health minded, with your health in mind!

In addition to the advertisements that were washed up, we also found a very cool retro t-shirt! We loved finding that shirt so much that we decided to get a whole batch of them reproduced, and now many of us employees wear this orange shirt from day to day. THIS RETRO DESIGN INSPIRED IS TO MAKE SOME NEW T-SHIRTS, INCORPORATING OUR NEW LOGO AND SOME FRESH DESIGN. If you feel like showing some pride for Greatest Grains don’t hesitate to come in and grab a shirt today!

WE WILL ALSO BE SELLING THESE TSHIRTS THIS SATURDAY, June 17 at the Radish Healthy Living Fair. Don’t miss out on this awesome event…it only happens once a year! The Radish “Healthy Living Fair” will be located in the parking lot in front of the Quad Cities’ Food Hub, under the big white tent. The food hub is right next door to the Freight House Farmer’s Market in downtown Davenport, so be sure to come hungry! This is a family friendly event, no admission cost, and all are welcome! Come enjoy everything that the riverfront has to offer on this fun-filled Saturday. Learn about healthy habits, sit in on education classes, and attend a demonstration. Greatest Grains will be giving way bags stuffed with awesome and healthy samples, 25 every hour.

Come to the Radish Healthy Living Fair early because we will be giving out $5 Greatest Grains Gift Cards to the first 100 attendees, don’t miss this great chance! Come out and enjoy the beautiful day with us.