What is CADIA? Why did we bring it on the store shelves at Greatest Grains, and what does this mean for you?

Greatest Grains is proud to announce a broad new line of everyday value products for your kitchen. The majority of these products proudly boast all organic ingredients, with ingredients sourced from many responsible farms. Other products include NON-GMO ingredients in addition to many gluten free products. CADIA brings an abundance of simplicity to store shelves, with our everyday value at Greatest Grains.

We are bringing in all of these new grocery items because it is important for us to offer the highest quality products, while passing on the savings to you. Everyday you will be able to buy CADIA products at Greatest Grains for 10% OFF the regular tag price. In addition, every month we will select a handful of CADIA products that will be 30% OFF the regular tag price. Check our in-store sales page here to discover what we have going on this month.

What is the CADIA brand, and where does it come from?

We want to give you an idea of what CADIA is all about, so here is the scoop. Think of your favorite brand of soap, chips, cereal, or beverage. When walking into a grocery store there are respective brands, all fighting for your attention. To do this , brands spend money on costly things like marketing and sales. Which eventually causes the overall price of that item rise, strictly due to this name-brand ‘tax’. This even happens at your favorite health food store, causing the prices of some of your favorite products to go up. We promise that you will fall in love with the simplicity of the entire CADIA line, stay on the lookout for the bold white packaging throughout the store.

A majority of the products in this grocery line are manufactured by Nature’s Best. A company out of Brea, CA that is the largest distributor of natural and organic products in the natural products industry. Nature’s best created the CADIA line in 2014 to provide the highest quality natural and organic products with the highest value to you. Nature’s best knows that the sourcing of ingredients is very important to you so you will find the country of origin on the back of each CADIA product. We promise that you will fall in love with the simplicity of the entire line of products, stay on the lookout for the BOLD WHITE PACKAGING throughout the store.

CADIA blurs the line between manufacturing and distribution, meaning better pricing and more savings for you. Let us explain just how much you will be saving everyday at Greatest Grains.

Our 10% Off Everyday Value at Greatest Grains

It is really important to us that you come into the store and check out all of the new CADIA products coming in every week, so we want to pass on something special to you. We’ve decided that every single day customers will receive 10% OFF all CADIA products throughout Greatest Grains. Also, rewards members receive double points on all CADIA products, which is 5% points back on all CADIA purchases. That adds ups to be a total 15% savings every single day at Greatest Grains.

Take a look at the signage that will be in-store, marking out the savings for all of these exceptional products STOREWIDE.

10% off everyday value

Monthly super savers 30% OFF!

Every month at Greatest Grains we will be selecting a handful of CADIA products that will have even deeper discounts. These will be our CADIA monthly super savers, take advantage of 30% regular price on these select products every month. You will want to stay on the lookout for these specials, we will update them on our in-store sales page here. The savings on these select items will be pantry staples that you use in your kitchen everyday, so you will want to be sure to take advantage of these remarkable items. These products boast a quality that outshines others…ON TASTE AND PRICE!

30% off super saver