Get Zenifyed. The all new beverage, on sale for $1.99 per can today.

An all natural stress relief beverage has arrived at Greatest Grains! It is packed full of relaxing and side-effect free liquid supplements. Read below to find out the active ingredients that make you stress free in each can of Zenify. These great pharmaceuticals range from amino acids to b-vitamins, and even including L-Theanine! A great companion for calming heavy caffeine consumption. Come try it out, we know you will enjoy this innovative beverage!

What are you made of…? A very specific array of amino acids.

Every human body is made up of about twenty percent protein. Proteins play a crucial role in just about ALL biological processes. Amino acids happen to be the building blocks of every protein in your body. Every single muscle in your body is made up of protein, including your brain. Calm your brain and calm your body, Zenify helps with numerous essential body functions.

Why is GABA such an important part of smooth brain function?

Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA)

GABA is a neurotransmitter that affects the brain growth hormone, which aids with nerve regeneration in the brain. It is known as a ‘depressing’ brain chemical, which proves why it has so many relaxing qualities. Zenify boasts 350mg of GABA in each and every can, allowing for sustained dosage through oral ingestion. It is important to think of GABA as an important part of the Yin-Yang balance within your brain. Each being complementary, connected, and interdependent. Although more stimulating neurotransmitters are arguably more popular, GABA is just as important for optimal brain health.

GABA is often referred to as nature’s ‘valium like substance’, due to its inhibiting effects. GABA balances out more stimulating activities happening in the brain. GABA limits nerve transmission, inhibiting nervous activity. This is one of the main reasons why it is so calming. It dulls all of the excitement in the brain caused by things like stress and trauma. Some like to think of it as a natural xanax.

Zenify provides the perfect oral dose of GABA for relaxation and balance. Find your center and become a little more grounded in your everyday routine, let the stress and worries roll off your shoulders when enjoying Zenify.

Glycine is an important amino acid and neurotransmitter.

Alongside GABA, glycine plays an important role in neurotransmission and overall brain function. Glycine does its work by inhibiting or ‘calming down’ the brain, it is not an exciting neurotransmitter but it is essential for a calm mind and relaxation. Structurally, it is very similar to GABA. It works alongside your GABA receptor system and benefits different key structures of the brain.

Glycine inhibits excitement in your brain. A calm mind is a calm body. When in a zen state, thoughts and learning patterns begin to flow effortlessly. If you are having trouble sleeping, try drinking multiple cans of Zenify every hour, 2-4 hours before you plan on getting some rest. GABA and Glycine synergistically work to bring you the maximum amount of rest and relaxation.

How soon will I feel the effects after drinking Zenify?

After drinking your delicious can of Zenify it won’t be long before you start feeling the effects. Patiently wait 30 minutes for the effects to begin to set in. Then enjoy an increasingly relaxing moment that spans up to 2 hours. Up your dosage and shed more stress by drinking additional cans of Zenify. Depending on your stress levels and other factors, you may find the right number of cans you need per day.

It is absolutely possible to enjoy Zenify throughout the day continuosly, contributing to a level head and stress free state of mind. Stress in, zen out.