Emotional stress, fuzzy hats & gloves, and plenty of holiday cheer.

The festive season is almost over and it is time to look forward to next year. 2018 is almost here. Holiday joy lives strong during this time of year! The stresses of this season will pass, and next year will come soon enough. At Greatest Grains, we are just winding down the year and we would like to take this chance to thank all everyone who has visited us recently. It has been an exciting month at Greatest Grains and we have been going through some wonderful changes.

The cold was late this year, but the snow is here to stay. Stay warm with Andes gifts furry outerwear.

Andes Gifts provides beautiful hand-crafted hats, gloves and scarves to North America, at the same time raising the earning power and standard of living of over two thousand indigenous Peruvian and Bolivian women. These awesome hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves aren’t just warm. They come in some very cute and fashionable designs as well. Take a look at some of these cool hats and gloves below.

We will be offering 20% OFF ALL Andes gifts from Thursday, December 28th to Sunday, December 31st. This means that you will be able to purchase these warm fuzzy mittens and other Andes outerwear on sale until the end of the year.

Build your immune system by taking note of your stressors.

Emotional stress can be a large contributing factor of overall immune health. When less stressed, it is easier to make healthy choices. Stress can affect your immune system in a couple different ways. First, stress creates chronic inflammation that harms tissues and has negative effect on essential body functions. Everything from lung function to blood circulation. Secondly, stress suppresses immune cells needed to fight infection. Stress throws a wrench in things by de-regulating our immune system. Throwing this system out of balance and exposing it to prolonged stress ‘tips the scale’ outside of your health’s favor.

Echinacea is known for its immune healing properties. Prior to the 1950s and the onset of antibiotics, echinacea held a very high status in the medical community. As healthcare trends changed this herb lost its fame. It has a long list of healing properties such as combating cancer, alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, improving skin problems, improves mental health, and relieves upper respiratory issues. Of course, echinacea helps with fighting infection and strengthening your immune system.

There are simple ways to combat stress that are safe, affordable, and effective.

Have you ever tried chamomile tea? There are many relaxing herbal blends out there, but Chamomile is known for its notoriety in the world of herbs. Chamomile has been known to boost your immune system and contains a compound known for fighting bacteria. Studies have shown that 5-6 glasses of this tea over the time of 2 weeks can have a significant effect on the body’s ability to fight infection, positively. Chamomile is also known for many other benefits such as inducing sleep, managing diabetes, and can relieve menstrual discomfort.

At Greatest Grains, we have countless herbal blends that contain chamomile. In addition we also have it in our bulk tea section for only $2.54//oz. Chamomile is an affordable and versatile way to stay relaxed while boosting your immune system.

Don’t let your well being slip away this holiday season, come give us a visit.

Whether it is staying warm with fuzzy mittens and hats, stressing a little less, or building your immune system this holiday season, Greatest Grains is here to help you out! Stop by before the New Year sets in and learn how to start 2018 on a positive and healthy foot.

P.S. If you are stressing out about feeding relatives while they are in town, don’t forget that we serve hot food fresh all day long.

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