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Bulk Sales - July 2018

PLUNameSale $/LBReg. $/LB
102Organic Whole Wheat Soft Pastry Flour$1.45$1.69
69Organic Long Grain Brown Rice$2.49$2.89
559Silvered Almonds$6.69$7.95
125Raw Sunflower Seeds$1.99$2.39
86Rolled Rye Flakes$1.39$1.65
144Whole Raw Hazelnuts$9.99$12.49
50Black Beans$1.89$2.25
747Roasted Red Pepper Sesame Sticks$2.85$3.35
197Student Trail Mix$5.19$6.09
169Natural Raisins$2.85$3.35
942Coconut Sugar Crystals$3.89$4.65
174Organic Semolina Rigatoni$1.99$3.69
761Cafe Altura Organic Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans$11.99$12.99
761Door county Fair Trade Water Process Organic Mountain Mexican Whole Coffee Beans$11.99$12.99
303Garlic Granules$0.90/oz$1.37/oz
956Applewood Smoked Salt$0.95/oz$1.19/oz
339White Onion Powder$0.63/oz$0.96/oz
720Organic Orange Pekoe Ceylon Black Tea$1.62/oz$2.03/oz