Shop smart and save by buying from our bulk and spice section at Greatest Grains. Browse our 200+ bulk bins full of flours, nuts, granola, herbs, salts, pastas, and other grains. Buying in bulk reduces packaging waste and the savings are passed on to you. Allowing you to get as much as you need, no little or no less!

In addition we also offer monthly bulk specials for maximum savings, check it out and come in to stock your pantry.

Bulk Sales - May 2018

PLUNameSale $/LBReg. $/LB
696Raw Walnut Halves & Pieces$7.49$8.79
75Organic Yellow Popcorn$1.65$1.95
411Oat Bran$1.75$2.15
893Potato Starch Flour$2.35$2.75
1053Whole Wheat Penne Rigate$2.79$3.29
230Breadshop Honey Gone Nuts Granola$5.45$6.39
608Panko Bread Crumbs$1.49$1.75
307Whole Wheat Handmade Dutch Pretzels$2.99$3.59
596Salted Roasted Chickpeas$3.79$4.49
761Door County Organic Fair Trade Colombian Whole Coffee Beans$11.99$12.99
761Cafe Altura Half the Caff Whole Coffee Beans$11.99$12.99
303Garlic Granules$0.90/oz$1.37/oz
355Dried Rosemary Leaves$0.86/oz$1.31/oz
268Organic Catnip$2.11/oz$3.19/oz
904Organic Tangerine Flavored White Tea$2.39/oz$2.82/oz

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