California Avocado Sandwich


smashed avocado, tomato, pickled onions, smoked provolone

Triple Stack Sandwich


fresh baked flaxseed rye sourdough bread, ham, smoked turkey, uncured pepperoni, smoked provolone

Double Duty Sandwich


fresh baked flaxseed rye sourdough bread, ham, smoked turkey, smoked provolone

Chicken Salad Sandwich


fresh baked flaxseed rye sourdough bread, chicken breasts, chopped celery, all-natural mayonnaise

Egg Salad Sandwich


fresh baked flaxseed rye sourdough bread, free-range hard boiled eggs, all-natural mayonnaise

Tuna Salad Sandwich


fresh baked flaxseed rye sourdough bread, tuna, chopped celery, all-natural mayonnaise

Served on a whole wheat wrap OR gluten-free wrap




Centennial Wrap


roasted turkey breast, mixed greens, roma tomatoes, pickled onions, marinated peppers, vegan mayo

The GREATEST Burrito


brown rice, pinto beans, spicy peri-peri chicken, cojita, pickled onions, marinated peppers, salsa roja

QC Crunch Wrap


lemon herb chicken, local organic sprouts, carrots, cabbage slaw, green onions, herb aioli



Hilltop Bowl


tri-color quinoa, roasted veggies, marinated peppers, hummus, carrots, indian curry sauce

Baja Bowl


brown rice, avocado, pinto beans, zucchini steaks, salsa roja

Bangkok Bowl


brown rice, edamame, pickled onions, carrots, craisins, thai peanut sauce




Mexicali Salad


mixed greens, roma tomatoes, black bean & corn salsa, avocado, chipotle ranch

Green Quinoa Salad


mixed greens, tri-color quinoa, craisins, marinated peppers, zucchini steaks, cucumber, cucumber-dill sauce

Detox Salad


mixed greens, carrots, edamame, sprouts, green onions, detox vinaigrette



Cookies & Cream Smoothie


The perfect treat made with bananas, Newman O’s, frozen yogurt, and milk. Topped with whipped cream.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie


A blend of strawberries and bananas with your choice of pineapple, papaya, or milk.

Lemonade Refresher Smoothie


A truly refreshing treat made with strawberries, lemonade, and frozen yogurt.

Forbidden Fruit Smoothie


A blend of pink and white guava, along with passionfruit.

Vitamin Blast Smoothie


Made of strawberries, lemonade, frozen yogurt, and multi-vitamins.

Perfect Power Protein Smoothie


A protein packed blend of bananas, peanut butter, protein powder, and milk.

Immune Boost Smoothie


Be well with Echinacea, goldenseal, vitamin c, strawberries, bananas, & papaya juice.

Acai Me Smoothie


Made of an exclusive blend of acai berries, guava, passionfruit, bananas, and pineapple juice.

Invisible Protein Smoothie


An Acai Me smoothie with an added protein of your choice.

Orange Sunshine Smoothie


A combination of bananas, orange juice, pineapple juice, and plain yogurt.

Green Smoothie


A blend of bananas, apple juice, and 2 wheatgrass shots.

Carrot Juice


Apple Juice


Carrot & Apple Juice Blend


Fresh Wheatgrass Shot