New Product Friday #NPF at #GG

We are bringing something new to you! ‘New Product Friday’ is our new weekly video brought to you by Greatest Grains. Find out about some of the great new products we have in-store for you!

Ketogenic diets have been used to treat and even help reverse neurological disorders and cognitive impairments. Ketogenic diets are used be weekend warriors, busy executives, and students alike! Boost brain performance by making the switch.

Watch Max introduce a brand new line of Ketogenic products we are now carrying at Greatest Grains for #NPF!

The grocery shelves are filled with alternatives to every type of grocery item sold in the conventional grocery market. This includes dinner mixes, sauces, salad dressings, Mexican items, cookies and crackers, chips, canned goods, soups, juices, sodas, and water, cereal, soy milk, specialty coffee, specialty cheeses, frozen foods, and more.

Greatest Grains actually has two bakeries. We offer a variety of whole grain and French breads. All of our bread is hand kneaded and is made with mostly organic flours. Our recipes are over 35 years old and several were developed by our owner, inspired on a journey long ago to the Sequoia National Forest.

Sweet Bakery

In our sweet bakery we offer a variety of made from scratch treats such as brownies, cheesecake and a variety of cookies and muffins. Quality ingredients provide the basis for all of our bakery selections. We often use local fresh fruit and organic ingredients in these products.

Shop smart and save by buying from our bulk and spice section at Greatest Grains. Browse our 200+ bulk bins full of flours, nuts, granola, herbs, salts, pastas, and other grains. Buying in bulk reduces packaging waste and the savings are passed on to you. Allowing you to get as much as you need, no little or no less!

In addition we also offer monthly bulk specials for maximum savings, check it out and come in to stock your pantry.

Bulk Sales - February 2018

PLUNameSale $/LBReg. $/LB
915Buckwheat Flour$2.49$2.95
414Quick Oats Organic$1.15$1.35
112Instant Powdered Milk$6.45$7.99
413White Quinoa$2.65$2.89
735Euro Soldier Beans$3.09$3.65
88Red Wheat Bran Organic$0.99$1.05
103Cashews Whole Raw No Salt$9.99$12.15
513Whole Wheat Pasta Shells$3.15$3.69
197Student Trail Mix$5.19$5.95
235Raisins Golden Sulph$3.29$3.77
761Cafe del Sol Organic Decaf Mexico Vienna Whole Coffee Beans$11.99$12.99
761Door County Fair Trade Organic Guatamelan Whole Coffee Beans$11.99$12.99
652Jasmine Flower$2.36/oz$3.57/oz
974Ceylon Cinnamon Organic$1.98/oz$3.00/oz
339Onion Powder$0.63/oz$0.96/oz
40Se Chung Special Oolong$2.26/oz$2.81/oz

Upcoming Events

  1. Slow Cooker Sunday Class

    February 25 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  2. Irish Cooking Class

    March 11 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  3. Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner

    March 17